Homework and study

Homework is an important part of learning, but sometimes parents find it hard to keep up with what needs to be done. Here is a range of resources to point you in the right direction. There are also some useful tips and help sheets to improve study skills in these areas.

What makes a good book for young kids?

What makes a good book for young kids

Vivid imagery, exciting stories and strong characters will not only entertain your child but set them up to enjoy reading for the rest of their lives [more].


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Does your child need help with spelling, writing or speaking English? Check our English A to Z, download the help sheets or read our tips and suggestions which we hope will get you started.

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Struggling to remember everything you learnt in maths? If you need a refresher course, our tips, tools and maths A to Z will help you to help your child.

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Wondering where to start with those homework projects? We have put together some ideas and resources on popular topics to kick-start your child's home project activities.

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Good homework and research skills are a valuable asset at any age. We have some homework hints and tips to help make sure that homework in your house is as effective (and painless!) as possible.

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Parent and teacher meeting in the classroom

Tips on how to work with the school to plan your child's education and future, including parent-teacher communication, choosing HSC subjects in Year 10 and planning career pathways with your child.


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Doing it by the book

As a parent it's only natural to want to help your child, but when it comes to homework and study, the completed work should be theirs. Here are some important points to remember to ensure your child is following good practice for a lifetime of learning.



When kids copy, or plagiarise, someone else's original work and pass it off as their own, they're cheating. Serious consequences can follow.



Kids need to be aware of hidden agendas and outdated information on websites.