Premier's Spelling Bee 2013

Premier's Spelling Bee is the free must-have Samsung app for students looking to practise their spelling for the 2013 NSW Premier's Spelling Bee competition.

Featuring almost 3,500 words and corresponding sentences from the spelling competition, the app ensures hours of spelling fun, using Australian spelling and Australian voices.

The app is free at Samsung Apps and features two categories for junior and senior primary school aged children, with a number of levels that increase in difficulty. Most adults would find the high levels in the senior category a challenge!

Cartoon owl flying through the night

PSB 2013

Samsung Apps

Download this free app from the Samsung App store.

If you are looking for an app that improves spelling and offers some fun along the way – this is the app for you.


  • Almost 3,500 words and sentences featured in the 2013 NSW Premier's Spelling Bee.
  • Australian spelling and voices.
  • Engaging game elements and graphics to make spelling fun.
  • The ideal app for students to practise their spelling for the competition.



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