Good reading skills provide a solid foundation for learning. Our experts have some great reading tips for children of all ages.

Comprehension help at home

Is your child able to read, but still struggling to answer essay questions and assignments? Here’s how to check their comprehension and help them improve.

A crash course in poetry appreciation for your high schooler

Understanding why an author uses certain words or structures in their poetry can help your teenager enjoy the English subject and give greater depth to their writing and language skills.

Helping kids cope with Shakespeare

AUDIO: Listen to Bell Shakespeare's artistic director John Bell chat with James O'Loghlin on how to avoid the homework dramas.

Phonics: helping your child with letters and sounds

Top tips to help your child understand the very basics of reading.

Reading with your child at home

Reading is more important than ever. When your kids see you reading and writing in everyday life, it teaches them they are useful skills to learn.

Reading to your child in your home language

Parents who have a background other than English and who read to their kids in their first language are giving them a valuable gift.

When older kids struggle with reading

If your child is still struggling to read and write and they're heading for high school, there are ways to get them on the right page.

Ten ideas to help your child with reading

Try these practical tips to help your kids enjoy learning to read.

Three little words to help your child to read

Pause, Prompt, Praise is a handy technique to use when your child is reading aloud to you.

How shopping can help your child to read

Humdrum supermarkets can be the perfect place to have fun with your child and improve their reading and language skills at the same time.

Developing comprehension skills

Help your child really understand the meaning behind the things they're reading and watching.

Learning to read

VIDEO: Watch teachers talk about how to help your child learn to read – and love to read.

Great ways to build your child's reading skills

Simple tips to encourage your child become a strong reader and a book lover for the rest of their lives.

Helping teens with reading

AUDIO: Listen to one of Australia's foremost English experts, Professor Peter Freebody, talk with James O'Loghlin on helping high school kids who struggle with reading.

Motivating your child to read

AUDIO: Listen to children’s author Andy Griffiths chat with James O’Loghlin on how humour can inspire a child’s love of reading.


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