Maths tips

Get expert advice and tips on how to support your child's learning and instil a love of maths.

Helping your child with high school maths

VIDEO: Teachers talk about how you can help your child with high school maths, even if it's not your strongest subject.

Helping kids feel good about maths

Find out the best ways to help your child feel confident about maths from an early age.

Switching teenage girls onto maths

Forget the myths you’ve heard about males, females, Mars and Venus, it’s all about confidence when it comes to girls and maths.

Ten tips for tweens who find maths hard

Ten smart ways to get your tween back into maths when they're struggling to make sense of it.

How young kids learn to understand numbers

The building blocks to maths begins with kids learning to count – eggs, pegs ... anything you can think of.

Helping your child with primary school maths

VIDEO: Watch teachers talk about how parents can help their child with maths homework at a primary school level.

Adam Spencer talks maths

AUDIO: Listen to Australia's favourite numbers man Adam Spencer chat with James O'Loghlin on loving maths for our kids' sake and what to do when it's all too hard.

Ten fun ways to help your child to count

Your child will learn to count and understand what numbers mean just by hanging out at home, at the beach or walking in the street.

Maths is the answer to many cool jobs

If your child wants a great job when they leave school encourage them to study maths.

Helping your child with arithmetic

Kids generally have no problem sharing out lollies equally. Find out other quick and nifty ways to inspire your child to build on their maths skills.

Helping your child measure length and area

Learning how to measure can be great fun for young kids when it's combined with rolling play-dough or wrapping presents.

Helping your child with mental calculation

How long will it take to to reach the holiday destination? How many converted football tries will put us in front? Give your kids a head start in maths by encouraging them to work things out mentally.

Helping your child with shapes and objects

Understanding shapes is the basis for geometry and other maths concepts. Simply pointing to shapes in picture books or stacking containers in different ways will give your child new ideas about them.

Helping your child measure mass and volume

Filling containers with water in the bath or counting out how many teaspoons of sugar are needed for a recipe are fun ways for kids to start understanding mass and volume.

Helping your child measure time and temperature

Looking at 'use by' dates on food, watching the weather report together ... there are many things you can do to give your child an understanding of time and temperature.

Helping your child with patterns and algebra

If you want your kids to understand algebra, start early by giving them a hand to recognise patterns – on wallpaper, in jewellery or during a footy game.

Helping your child with graphs and tables

We all use graphs to understand information – in newspapers and pamplets, on bills or on television. Your child can experiment with graphs simply by playing games and tallying the results.

Top ways to prepare your child for high school maths

Simple tips to give your child the best opportunity to feel confident about maths when they start Year 7.


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