There is no doubt that technology has provided a new avenue for hurtful and intimidating situations. Find out what cyberbullying is and what to do if it happens to your child.

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When cyberbullying hits home

In a world where friends are made and deleted with the click of a mouse, parents need to understand just how vulnerable kids are to cyberbullying.

The other side of bullying

High anxiety and depression, poor school marks ... kids who cyberbully often suffer just as much as the kids they bully. Banning the technology doesn't work; they need to learn new ways to behave.

What the experts say about cyberbullying

While research into cyberbullying is still in its infancy, the one thing we do know is the online environment is really just a new setting for age-old issues.

Why active kids are less likely to be cyberbullied

We all know that getting kids off the computer and outside to play is important for their health but research shows kids who do extracurricular activities are safer online too.

Cyberbullying prevention – tips for parents

Tips from the Australian Communications and Media Authority to help parents keep their kids safe online and deal with cyberbullying if it occurs.

Cyber good or cyber bad – a teen perspective

Teen blogger and social media consultant Tom Wood gives the MySpace generation's perspective of cyberbullying and how to speak to your child about it.

Dealing with cyberbullying

VIDEO:Greg Gebhart from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) gives tips about helping kids avoid and deal with cyberbullying.


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