Educational games

Love the School A to Z app? Then you'll be pleased to know kids can now play the Spelling Bee on your home computer too.

School A to Z

Homework help, assignment starters, glossaries and free Spelling Bee and Maths Monkey games.

Play our Spelling Bee game

Spelling is fun with our online Spelling Bee game. Challenge the kids to a championship spell-off!

Premier's Spelling Bee 2013

Premier's Spelling Bee is the free must-have Samsung app for students looking to practise their spelling for the 2013 NSW Premier's Spelling Bee competition.

Maths Monkey's Quest

Maths Monkey's Quest is a clever educational game to sharpen your child's maths skills and recall, produced by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

I Have Fun With Faces

Preschoolers develop reading and mathematical skills while they play this new free app.

Taronga Zoo - Wild Australia

Discover the diversity and uniqueness of Australia’s wildlife and be amazed by our beautiful, enchanting creatures.


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