Taronga Zoo - Wild Australia

Wild Australia is a terrific educational app created by Taronga Zoo and the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Use it at Taronga Zoo Sydney, or at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo for an interactive, educational tool as you follow the Wild Australia trails. Or simply use it at home to discover more about the Zoos' amazing animals and interesting keepers.

Using the app at home, you can:

  • explore the mysteries of our unique and diverse fauna
  • take and choose photos
  • watch videos recorded by the zoo keepers 
  • choose true statements about the animals
  • create your own poster which you can email to yourself as a record of your visit and of what you have learnt and you can share it with others so they find out how to conserve Australia's unique wildlife.

If on location at Taronga Zoo, Sydney or Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo you can also: 

  • use the virtual binoculars to zoom in on the animals and the habitats 
  • explore the Australian bush area of Taronga Zoo – Sydney or Dubbo
  • take and upload your own, real-time photos of the animals
  • be guided by zoo keeper Rod and track your position on the GPS enabled map 
  • observe the animals and the signage to check field observations and answer questions.

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