Ten ideas to help your child with reading

Father and son reading on the grass.

Try these practical tips to help your kids enjoy learning to read.

  1. Together find information and interesting facts about things that intrigue or interest your child in books, magazines or on the internet. Read and talk about what you find out.
  2. Recite and retell stories of all kinds including favourite stories read or heard, fairy tales, movie plots, local news stories, family history, poems and rhymes.
  3. Make things together and ask your child to read out simple directions, eg recipes while you cook together.
  4. Suggest that your child writes simple stories on the computer. Re-read and talk about the stories together or send an email response to them.
  5. Do crosswords and other types of word puzzles or word games together in books, magazines or on screen.
  6. Read the TV guide together from the paper or onscreen before watching a program.
  7. Play games like ‘I spy' and read directions and signs when driving and shopping.
  8. Read and write notes, cards and letters together to family members, friends and neighbours.
  9. Play board games and computer games together and read the rules, directions and clues.
  10. Provide your child with plastic letters, crayons, pencils, chalk, pens and writing paper.


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