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Series books to ignite reading

This list of books can hook even the most reluctant of readers.

What makes a good book for young kids

Books with vivid imagery, exciting stories and strong characters will not only entertain your child but set them up to enjoy reading for the rest of their lives.

Great books for tweens to read

The Premier's Reading Challenge team list their favourite books to inspire kids aged between nine and 13.

School holiday reading for kids of all ages

Encouraging your kids to pick up a few good books in the summer break is a great way to keep their hard-earned reading skills from slipping, and give them a chance to enjoy some entertaining downtime.

Books that can get kids reading again and again ...

There’s nothing like a series to inspire the bookworm in your child.

Inspiring ways to build your child's imagination

Children's author Andrew Daddo shares his finest tips on helping your child to paint the sky green and the grass blue.

Getting boys to read

AUDIO: Listen to kids author Andy Griffiths chat with James O'Loghlin on the cleverest and most disgusting ways to get boys, and girls, into books.

Helping tweens to love reading

For those with a tween who doesn't like reading, here are 10 great ways to help them find the plot.

Smart tip for writers: explore your place

Nadia Wheatley discusses how the humble backyard can be the perfect inspiration for any young writer.

How movies can inspire kids to read

Encourage your child to read by finding them the book version of their favourite movies.


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