Eight clever ways to approach an exam

Girl looking confident in exam.

These ideas will help your child deal with exam pressures.

  1. Wear a watch to the exam.
  2. Write your name or student number on the answer sheet.
  3. Read the ‘instructions to students' first and work out how much time to spend on each question.
  4. If there are sections of writing, then write down the time to stop each section and begin another.
  5. Read and re-read the question.
  6. Underline key words and decide how to go about answering the question. Look for task words such as ‘discuss', ‘compare' and ‘explain', that tell you what to do. Watch out for limiting words such as ‘including' or ‘in reference to', that specify the scope of the answer.
  7. Read multiple-choice questions carefully. Always choose the most correct answer.
  8. If there is time, review and proofread all your answers, especially for spelling, punctuation and grammar.


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