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Activity sheets for young learners

Maths activities for pre-school to Kindergarten

Area of shapes (PDF 0.08MB)

Basic shapes (PDF 0.09MB)

Caterpillar counting (1 - 10) (PDF 0.09MB)

Caterpillar counting (1 - 20) (PDF 0.1MB)

Counting order (1 - 10) (PDF 152KB)

Counting order (11 - 20) (PDF 157KB)

Creating shape pictures (PDF 0.07MB)

Length (with carrots) (PDF 0.08MB)

Length (with snakes) (PDF 0.52MB)

Making rows (PDF 145KB)

Matching numbers (PDF 400KB)

Missing numbers (PDF 372KB)

My shapes book (PDF 0.18MB)

Numbers before and after (PDF 265KB)

Numbers before and after (beetles and butterflies) (PDF 0.59MB)

Numbers before and after (transport) (PDF 0.14MB)

Number sequence (PDF 124KB)

Tell the time (PDF 0.18MB)

Tracing shapes to make pictures (PDF 0.09MB)


Primary maths help sheets

2D space and 3D objects

2D shapes (PDF)

2D shapes and 3D objects or solids (PDF)

Angles in polygons (PDF)

Angles using a protractor (PDF)

Flip, slides, turns and symmetry (PDF)

Nets (PDF)

Parts of a circle (PDF)

Perimeter, area, volume and capacity: measurement (PDF)

Polygons (PDF)

Prisms (PDF)

Pyramids: 3D objects or solids (PDF)

Sections and cross-sections (PDF)

Symmetry: 2D symmetry (PDF)

Triangles (PDF)

Turn around facts (PDF)

Types of angles (PDF)

Addition and subtraction

Adding and subtracting using an empty number line (PDF)

Addition: compensation strategy (another way to add) (PDF)

Addition: jump strategy (another way to add) (PDF)

Addition and subtraction mental strategies (doing maths in your head) (PDF)

Addition: adding and subtracting vertically (and trading) (PDF)

Finding the difference:addition (+) and subtraction (-) (PDF)

Hundred chart (PDF)

Split strategy (PDF)

Subtraction: jump strategy (another way to subtract) (PDF)

Ten frame (PDF)

Trading (PDF)

Fractions and decimals

Comparing fractions (PDF)

Converting fractions (PDF)

Decimal fractions (PDF)

Equivalent fractions (PDF)

Fractions (PDF)

Fractions: adding decimal fractions (PDF)

Fractions: common fractions and addition (PDF)

Fractions: common fractions and subtraction (PDF)

Fractions: subtracting decimal fractions (PDF)

Proper and improper fractions (PDF)


Metric conversion chart (PDF)

Multiplication and division

Arrays (PDF)

Fact family: multiplication and division (PDF)

Factors: multiplication and division (PDF)

Making groups and arrays (PDF)

Multiplication table (PDF)

Symbols chart (PDF)

Turn around facts (PDF)

Using groups and arrays (PDF)


Place value (PDF)

Place value: Using MAB blocks (PDF)


Patterns (PDF)

Repeating patterns (PDF)


Calendar time (PDF)

Time (PDF)


Volume and capacity: displacement (PDF)

Perimeter, area, volume and capacity: measurement (PDF)

Whole numbers

Roman numerals (PDF)

Ten frame (PDF)

Secondary maths help sheets



Analysing data

Box and whisker plot




Displaying data

Cumulative frequency

Dot plot

Frequency distribution table

Grouped frequency distribution table

Frequency histogram and polygon

Stem and leaf plot


Highest common factor and lowest common multiple

Reciprocals of fractions

Division of fractions


Index notation

Index laws


Directed number line

Directed number line: addition and subtraction

Directed numbers: multiplying and dividing


Tree diagrams and tables: listing all outcomes from a sequence of events




Simplifying ratios

Scientific notation

Scientific notation

Significant figures

Significant figures

Space and geometry

Angles: properties

Angles and parallel lines

Geometry notation

Properties of quadrilaterals

Similar figures

Types of lines


Simplifying surds

Quadratic surds

Surds: multiplying and dividing

Squaring a surd

Whole numbers

Divisibility tests

Long division


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