Chinese in Australia

Key facts

  • Major Chinese celebrations include the Spring Festival, also called Chinese New Year, the Qingming Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.
  • Many Chinese came to Australia during the gold rush in 1850s and 60s.
  • In 1861, Chinese immigrants made up 3.3 per cent of the Australian population.
  • The White Australia Policy of the early 20th Century severely limited Chinese communities in Australia.
  • By the 1970s multiculturalism had evolved as the dominant policy approach to address Australia's cultural diversity.
  • Heart surgeon Victor Chang, businessman Bing Lee, fashion designer Lisa Ho and chef Kylie Kwong are four of many notable Chinese-Australians.
  • Chinese people have shared their diverse experiences, histories, art, food and culture to create a richer Australia.
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A Chinese-Australian family



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