Planning for the future

From time to time, throughout your child's school life, you'll need to make choices which will influence aspects of their education and their future. Here are some resources to help you plan your child's journey.

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Back to school 2016

Answers to FAQs about attending a NSW public school.

Back to school checklist

Start the new school year on the right track by doing a few simple things.

Year-by-year tips for high school

Find out what you need to know about your child's learning and development this year.

Year 10 subject selection

What to consider when your Year 10 child chooses subjects for Years 11 and 12.

Parent-teacher interviews

Tips for getting the most out of parent- teacher interviews and other meetings you arrange with the school.

Vocational education at school

Years 11 and 12 now give kids the opportunity to pursue their careers, while keeping their options open.


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