Hints for your child when writing a story for homework

Mother helping her daughter with homework.

Guide your child in their creative writing homework using these tried and tested questions.

Getting prepared to write: ask your child

  • where they are up to so far.
  • if they are planning their ideas or do they have a first draft.
  • to describe what they think the story should be about.

Story setting or context: ask your child

  • to think about where and when the story needs to occur.
  • if they need to describe the surroundings.

The structure: ask your child

  • what they think the key complication (or problem to solve) is in the story.
  • to tell you about the most exciting or dramatic time (the climax) of the story.
  • if they have thought about the ending.

The characters: ask your child

  • who they think the key characters are in their story.
  • to describe the characters so there is a clear picture for the story.
  • what the characters do and what they look like.
  • if the characters have any particular habits or behaviours.
  • if the characters are likeable.
  • how the characters relate to each other.


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