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Your child is constantly learning new skills, extending their knowledge and experiencing many changes in their physical, social and mental development.

These links will help you to understand more about aspects of the education system, and to make choices at the key stages of your child's learning journey.

Young children ready to start school.

Locate a public school,  find out about  types of public schools and how to enrol. Or look up the school handbook for answers to FAQs.

A mother says goodbye to her son on his first day of school.

Great information and tips to help you and your child get ready for school. Enjoy this exciting time.

Group of students.

Look up the school calendar for NSW public school term dates, public holidays and exam dates for this year and next.

Young students painting.

A guide to how teachers assess and report on your child's educational development  -  from Kindergarten to Year 6, and Years 7 to 12.

Gifted and talented student looking through a microscope.

For children who perform to a very high standard, these classes provide a peer group environment to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. 

Selective school students.

Providing an enriched environment for highly achieving, academically gifted students. Placement tests are for enrolment in Year 7, and Years 8-12.


A teacher working with young high school students.

Videos and guides on what to expect and how to be prepared. Also great tips on making friends, and planning for a new approach to study and  assignments.

Senior high school student.

Find out about making subject choices for the HSC, or vocational education and training courses. Plus great tips on time management, and study and exam techniques.

Student checking past exam papers online.

Is your child wondering what to expect in the HSC exams? The NSW Board of Studies has past exam papers and other information to help your child practise and prepare.

Students leaving school.

Great resources to find out about the school leaving age and to help with career planning, study options and surviving those end-of-year celebrations.

Male student working towards a hospitality career.

These 'bullseye' posters (produced by the Australian government) are a great resource to help your child assess the possibilities.

Planting vegetables for sustainability studies.

We offer support services to help parents manage any health, disability, behaviour or financial needs with their school. We also offer support for rural and isolated families.

A mother and her daughter.

Our programs offer support  to parents in the education of their child, from early intervention through transition to school and high school, and post-school.

Students who may have a variety of support needs.

Want to know what is going on in the classroom? Find out what subjects are taught at different learning stages of primary and high school.

Th school spectacular is a major arts event every year.

There is a wide range of sporting, academic and arts events that students may get involved in throughout the year. Find out more on the public schools events page.


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