eBooks and eBook readers

What are they?

eBooks are books that you can download through the internet and read on your computer or eBook reader, rather than on paper. eBook readers are special devices, such as the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader, that are specifically designed for reading eBooks and magazines. They are normally a similar shape to a magazine, with a large display and no keyboard.

How do they work?

eBooks are generally available for download (usually at a price) from online bookstores and libraries. eBooks are either downloaded to a PC and then transferred across to the eBook, or are loaded directly into the eBook via a wireless network.

Why are eBooks useful?

An eBook reader can contain more than one book at a time, meaning that a single device can essentially contain a library of information, and access more books quickly over the internet.

What do you need to keep in mind if your children are using eBooks?

Many eBooks cost money, although like regular books, you usually pay as you buy them. As with any book purchase, it is important that you ensure children are buying books that are appropriate for their age.


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