Aggregation sites

What are they?

Aggregation sites help you find interesting articles and web pages. People looking at websites are encouraged to tag and bookmark pages and articles on the web that they like, and links to the articles are then republished at the aggregation site.

How do they work?

Aggregation sites create a list of web articles and pages that are popular right now. People who like an article or item nominate that item for posting on the aggregation service, usually by clicking on a button at the bottom of the article. This notifies the aggregating site, which posts a link. Other users are then able to vote on whether they like the article. If enough people vote for an article, it will rise to the top of the site's list.

Why are aggregation sites useful?

Aggregation sites allow people from all over the world to collaborate in finding and highlighting interesting articles from a wide selection of sites beyond the ones they would normally look at.

What do you need to keep in mind if your children are using aggregation sites?

Aggregation sites generally do not allow the nomination of content of a pornographic or lewd nature, but it is important that you monitor the sites your children are visiting to ensure that content is appropriate for their age group.


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