What is it?

Archive refers to a section in a website where any previous information on a topic is kept, such as earlier issues of an online newsletter, recipes or photo galleries. Many blogs have archives which are organised by months, and when you click on one, say for January, you can view the blog's material and comments from that time.

How does it work?

Archiving is usually an automatic setting so that material from a set period is relocated and placed in a separate area. Websites with archives can also have different settings for how long material is kept before it is no longer available to users.

Why is it useful?

Archived material gives you access to more content from a particular blog or website, and can be useful when researching topics.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and archiving?

Because an archive could be helpful to your child's use of a website, for instance to research a topic, it is a good idea to explain that an archive is a location for older material.

Want to know more?

Archive is also a term meaning to keep a long-term backup of your data. For instance, when you clean old files from your computer (to get more space) you should first consider backing them up to another disc or hard disk for safekeeping.

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