Block and blocking

What is it?

Blocking refers to special software that limits internet access so that certain websites are not available to your child when they are online. It is also called internet filtering, content control and parental controls.

Blocking can also mean keeping someone from contacting you through a social networking site, such as Facebook, or simply from your email system.

How does it work?

Internet blocking software instantly filters based on content that you may not wish your child to view, such as pornography.

Blocking someone on a social networking site or from email involves following the site's steps for blocking (or banning) that person.

Why is it useful?

While the internet is an amazing resource, it also contains a lot of content you may not want your child to view. Blocking software gives parents a higher level of control over what can be seen online.

Blocking an individual on a social networking site can stop mean, hurtful and other inappropriate contact but only on that website.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and blocking?

You may wish to talk with your child about why some material is not right, or not allowed in your household.

If you choose to block another student from contacting your child, you may also need to have a larger talk with your child, and potentially their teacher, if that person is also affecting your child while at school.

Want to know more?

To learn more about blocking, you can search the internet for any of the terms mentioned above to help you find blocking software. To learn more about blocking in a social networking site, visit the site's privacy page online.


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