What are they?

Cookies are small pieces of information left on your computer (in the internet browser) when you visit or perform some actions on a website. They are a type of placeholder so the website or application you are visiting remembers some facts about you. Although some people consider this spyware, most cookies are benign and do not "steal" information that you have not already provided.

How do cookies work?

As long as you do not delete the cookies (as some computer cleaning programs do) they can make it quicker to return to where you were when you last visited a website. Most browsers allow you to turn cookies off, but this may prevent some sites and applications (such as games) from working.

What do you need to keep in mind about your children and cookies?

Explain to your children that the internet is a public place and they should behave accordingly. It doesn't hurt for them to know that all actions can have repercussions.

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