What is it?

A virus is a small computer program that attaches to real programs and is then unknowingly downloaded when you open an infected email attachment, visit affected websites, or is hidden on a disc or USB with legitimate data.

How does it work?

Because they are designed to copy themselves, they are easily transferred between computers and computer devices. A virus on your computer can delete data, erase everything on your hard disk, even hijack your computer (see zombie) so that it sends viruses and spam to other computer users.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and computer viruses?

Viruses are generally very destructive to computers and are best avoided. To do this, you will need a firewall and anti-virus protection software, and keep both updated. Unfortunately, computer viruses are often attached to very appealing and popular items that are shared on social networking sites like Facebook, and so the best approach is prevention.

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