What is it?

LinkedIn is a website with some features of a social networking site such as Facebook, however designed mainly for people in business.

How does it work?

LinkedIn is a website that anyone can join free and create a personal profile which displays a photo, education, employment history and current role. You can search for current or previous work colleagues and other people you might like to be connected to. Your connections become your network within this social community. You can also search for jobs, make introductions to others and tell everyone what you are doing or thinking via your status update.

Why is it useful?

LinkedIn is a useful way of connecting with others on a professional level.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and LinkedIn?

Generally, your child would not use LinkedIn until they have left school and either begun study, employment or started their own business, however you may wish to join the site to connect to a professional network.

Want to know more?

Visit the LinkedIn website.

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