Royalty Free

What is it?

Royalty free means that material, such as a photo or a song, can be used by someone else without having to pay a fee. It is a type of right or licence to use someone else's creative output (intellectual property), but the creator remains the owner.

A common example for using royalty free material is to download a photo from a royalty free stock photo website, then use it in your own blog, or a printed brochure.

How does it work?

Online, royalty free is usually a status that a creator chooses when uploading their material to say, a photo sharing website, like Flickr, or Shutterstock. The alternative to royalty free is where a creator sets an ongoing fee or a fee for certain kinds of uses.

Why is it useful?

Using royalty free materials is one way of avoiding piracy, and it is usually free to use, or there is a low one-off payment, like $5.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and royalty free?

Because there are millions of royalty free photos and other imagery available online, you may want to encourage your child to look for royalty free websites as a great source for imagery.

Want to know more?

Visit the Creative Commons website.

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