What is it?

Tracking, also known as mobile phone tracking, positioning or locating, refers to identifying the position of a mobile phone, even if it's moving.

How does it work?

The telephone carrier can identify which tower (cell) the phone is using, and this information can be accessed by emergency services. In addition, many smartphones include GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers and if geotracking is turned on, the phone may report where it is.

Why is it useful?

Being able to locate a phone has led to many uses, including search and rescue, police investigations, and newer location based services, enabling you to 'check in' and alert others to your location.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and tracking?

GPS tracking on a mobile phone can include location based services and if you/your child uses this feature in combination with check in activity, their location can be broadcast to a huge network of people. You may wish to check your child's check in settings on Facebook, and on other social networking sites, as well as on location based mobile phone apps.

Want to know more?

To learn more about mobile phone tracking you can check your carrier's policy by visiting their website.

To learn more about location based services, visit some of the better known sites, including, or search for location based apps, such as

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