What is it?

Vine encourages users to create and share videos that are 6 seconds or less and is available on all Apple and Android devices.

Created by Twitter, it was the first site of its kind. Following Vine's success, Instagram also introduced videos and the messaging app Snapchat was launched.

How does it work?

The Vine application allows users to record through an in-app camera. 'Vines', as they're called, play over and over on a loop. The videos are shared with other Vine users and followers, and can also be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

The 'Explore' feature allows you to randomly browse other accounts. Vine users (as with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) tag their videos with hashtags to describe them.

Why is Vine useful?

Vine can be a good tool for teens who are interested in video, animation, and film. There's a fun challenge unique to the application in that it's difficult to make a video that is artistic and creative which also works in an endless loop.

What do you need to keep in mind about your children and Vine?

While Vine insists users must be over 13, there's no age verification when creating an account. However, parents can ask to have a child's account removed. The site has a 17+ rating in the Apple app store so if you've set your child's iPod/iPad/iPhone to restrict apps by rating, they won't be able to download it.

Vine doesn't have as strict standards on content as Instagram. Content featuring nudity, drug use and other adult themes gets posted quite regularly. Pornography (often listed under the hashtag #NSFW : Not Safe For Work) was a big problem when Vine first launched.

All profiles are public- the app has is no 'Private' setting, which is different to most social sites. This means that any 'vine' created and shared can be viewed by absolutely any other Vine user, and can also be shared to non-Vine affiliated sites.

Want to know more?

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