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Want to understand what the latest technologies can do and how they're being used? Learn more about what your children may be doing online and pick up some top tips to help keep them safe.

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Keeping kids' phone and data bills under control

Ever opened the monthly phone or internet bill and felt sick? It’s called “bill shock”, and there are many new ways families accidentally rack up hundreds of dollars of costs each month.

Sexting – what every parent should know

AUDIO: Listen to child psychologist Kimberley O'Brien talking about the dangers of sexting.

Screen time

How can you juggle the range of digital demands to help your child find a healthy balance?

Choosing a mobile phone

What should you consider when purchasing a mobile phone for your child? Also our ten top tips for kids using mobile phones.

Raising good digital citizens

Publishing online, Blackberry thumb, cyber purchasing, email etiquette. We are the first generation of parents responsible for equipping our kids with good digital citizen skills – are you prepared?

Can kids really do their homework and multi-task?

Can kids multi-task? Absolutely. Will the results be the same as if they were fully focused on their study? Maybe not.

Does cartoon violence make kids more aggressive?

The fate of Wile E. Coyote or the antics of Tom and Jerry didn't harm a generation of kids but research shows the effects of today's graphic cartoons and computer game characters aren't so innocent.

A cheat's guide to social media

An introduction to how different types of social media are being used in everyday life by people of all ages and backgrounds.

A guide to technology toys

What to watch out for when choosing technology toys for your kids

Buying an e-reader or a tablet?

E-readers may be a good way to get reluctant readers into books, plus they let you carry your library around with you where ever you go.


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