Great start webcast: The panel

School A to Z's experts answer the most common questions parents have about how they can best support their kids' school life, study, wellbeing and development. Meet the expert panellists.

Getting off to a great start


Rachel Friend

Hello, I'm Rachel Friend and welcome to our webcast on getting off to a great start at school.

Yes, it's time to dust off the school uniforms, get out the lunchboxes and support our kids as they head back for a brand new year.

School A to Z is designed to give parents access to experts – people who can answer your questions about your child's school life,study, well-being and development.

For this webcast, we've selected the most common questions you've sent in about how to help your child.

Some of the areas we'll cover include:doing well in class,social life and friendships,behaviour and development,and technology and the internet

So let's meet our wonderful panel of experts.

From Northern New South Wales we have Sue Brown, the principal of Uralla Central School,a school that offers classes from Kindergarten right through to Year 12.

Welcome, Sue.

Sue Brown

Hi, Rachel.

Rachel Friend

Taking her place beside Sue is Dr Martine Walker, a city GP who specialises in family health and has two children, both in primary school.

Great to have you on board, Martine.

Martine Walker

Thanks, Rachel, hi.

Rachel Friend

On my left is Gregory Prior, a former schoolteacher and principal and now the Deputy Director General of Schools, and Greg, you've raised five children who are now adults so well done to you.

Gregory Prior

Thanks, Rachel.

Rachel Friend

And last but not least is psychologist Beverley Thirkell who specialists in helping tweens and teens and will get to use all her knowledge when she guides her own son through the HSC this year.

Welcome, Beverley.

Beverley Thirkell

Thank you.

Rachel Friend

Now I'd really encourage you to take the time to watch each chapter and if you have any feedback, questions or comments please email us or you can contact us on our Facebook School A to Z page.


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