Ten ideas to get your kids active at home or indoors

Young kids racing in the garden.

At a glance

  • Be a role model – get out there and get active with your kids.
  • There are lots of indoor games you can play that also use physical activity.
  • When your child's friends come over get them all playing outside.
  • Get the kids to help with the gardening.
  • You can always rely on a game of hide and seek.

Mum and physical education teacher Jenny Ekanayake gives her favourite tips on how to keep your kids physically active around the home or inside.

  1. Set the example by getting outside and getting active too. If you're sitting around watching TV as a way to relax, then your kids will see that as normal.
  2. Inside, or outside, try keeping a balloon off the floor using a fly swat (or your hand). You can make up some basic passing and catching games to go with it.
  3. Set up a pyramid of plastic cups, then bowl any type of ball (tennis, large soft ball, mini bean bag) at the pyramid and take great delight in the cups crashing everywhere.
  4. When friends come over, play war games in the backyard with light sabres or toy swords. It involves running around, hiding, strategy, teamwork – all things to get your child huffing and puffing and ready for a good night's sleep.
  5. Play sport in the backyard. Get out there with your kids and bowl so they can bat, or play tackle rugby with them (but remind them to go easy on you).
  6. Rumble with the kids on the carpet; if you have floorboards rumble on the bed, or outside on the grass.
  7. Get the kids to help out with gardening, mowing the lawn and household maintenance. It could be helping to weed, bringing top soil in a wheelbarrow to where it's needed, collecting the sticks from the lawn before mowing, or planting flowers and vegies.
  8. For younger kids blow bubbles in the backyard or at the park – they love to chase them.
  9. You can even get active during the kids' birthday parties. Backyard party games include bull rush, three-legged relays, egg and spoon races, jumping over a rope, limbo, What's the Time Mr Wolf?, musical cushions and a treasure hunt.
  10. Play hide and seek either inside or outside; build a cubbyhouse/shelter using ropes, sticks or cardboard; or using chalk draw a hopscotch game on the driveway, paving or footpath.


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