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Food for the school day

Any parent of a school-aged child knows how famished their kids are the minute they walk in the door. And the simple reason for that is learning makes you hungry.

Smart foods to boost learning

If you want your child to think more clearly, be clever about what you feed them.

Food magic with an egg and a lunch box

Memories of bad curried egg sandwiches as a kid be banished! Eggcellent last-minute ideas for school lunches.

When lunch comes home ... again

The uneaten school lunch coming home day after day is a stress families can do without. Find out simple ways to help break the cycle.

Slow food for school

The slow food movement isn’t about cooking food slowly, it's about using food principles that are the opposite of ‘fast food’. A home-made muffin and a locally grown apple is all it takes.


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