Pasta salad with crunchy munchy chicken

The pasta salad can be converted into a healthy lunch for parents by adding some tinned tuna, or why not feed the whole family the same meal?

Italian pasta salad

A nutritious option for your child's lunchbox.

Asian-style salad

This tasty salad is great for kids with allergies.

Tuna salad

This one is great as most kids don’t have access to refrigeration at school.

Rice salad

Brown rice is a great source of fibre. For added protein, add shredded chicken, tofu or tuna.

Soba noodle salad with chicken and sesame seeds

Store in a chiller bag with an ice pack, and don't forget a fork.

Spring salad

Sharon Trueman, a dietician at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit, offers some quick, fresh and tasty lunch box treats for children with common food allergies and intolerances.


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