Sandwiches and wraps

Chicken and avocado sandwich

An easy to make delicious sandwich.

Gourmet egg and salad sandwich

Soy and linseed bread is a great source of fibre.

Ham and corn wraps

Cut wrap in half for smaller children to grasp.

Avocado and alfalfa wraps

This no-waste wrap is easy to make and tasty.

Bacon, spinach and tomato sandwich

This is a great sandwich with nice toppings. Easy to make.

Pizza sandwich

This is a good alternative to a pizza with the right choice of bread.

Potato rolls

This recipe produces a bread roll with a bagel-like crust and chewy texture, perfect for lunch rolls and whatever safe fillings your child can eat.

Beef panini

Try Alastair McLeod's tried and tested panini recipe.


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