Life is full of ups and downs and some bumps along the way. Here are some useful resources to help you manage some of the health issues that may arise during your child's journey through school.

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Teach your kids to be water proof

As temperature rise, the risk of drownings increases too. Review these water-safety tips to help keep your family safe this summer.

10 outdoor adventures for kids

Ban boredom with these inexpensive family- friendly adventures.

Keeping your kids healthy

AUDIO: Listen to Dr Martine Walker, a city GP who specialises in family health and has two primary school-aged children, chat with Rachel Friend on how to keep your child healthy.

Too sick to go to school?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your child is really coming down with something or just suffering a bout of Monday-itis. Here's some information on common childhood illnesses.

Choosing the right school shoes

Are expensive school shoes the best option for happy feet?

Body image and girls

AUDIO: Rachel Friend talks with the Butterfly Foundations Education Manager, Danni Rowlands about body image issues affecting young girls.

Boys and body image

AUDIO: Rachel Friend talks with paediatrician Associate Professor Michael Kohn about body image issues now affecting boys.

Speech problems

All kids learn how to talk and listen at different rates but if you're worried about your child's speech development the best thing to do is get it checked out professionally.

Managing depression in children

AUDIO: Listen to brain and mind specialist Professor Ian Hickie chat with James O'Loghlin on helping kids beat the blues.

MP3 players and hearing loss

If your child can't hear you talking when they're listening to their MP3 player, it's up too loud. Permanent hearing damage can happen more easily than you think.

How to raise resilient kids

Resilient kids do better at school and they're more likely to avoid risky behaviour. They also know how to turn things around when the going gets tough.

Emotional support for parents

When big problems arise parents don't have to keep soldiering on alone. There are plenty of professional services that exist simply to help mums, dads and the kids get through the hard times.

Avoiding injuries from school bags and computers

Most parents spend a lot of time worrying about their child's health, but sometimes the simplest things fall under the radar.

Benefits of under scheduling your child

Amid the rush of soccer training, swimming, music lessons and homework, it can be hard to keep hold of the magic stare-into-space, muck-about moments in children's lives.

Spring holiday activities

How do you keep your kids active and occupied, especially when you’re still busy and they’re keen to sit on the computer all day?

Removing head lice and nits

How to treat head lice and nits, and why you can't prevent them, no matter how clean or short your child's hair is!

Alcohol and the adolescent brain

How teenage brains develop and why alcohol is particularly damaging for adolescents.

Educating kids about alcohol

Research shows the way you communicate with your child about alcohol can make a huge difference in how they respond to peer pressure about drinking.

Alcohol, parties and the law

Understand the laws and health issues relating to alcohol and adolescents


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