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Our growing list of help sheets will help you refamiliarise yourself with English terms and usage.

What's covered:

Activity sheets for young learners 

English activity sheets for pre-school to kindergarten

Primary help sheets 


Paragraphs (PDF)

Reading and comprehension skills (PDF)


Abstract nouns (PDF)

Acronyms (PDF)

Active and passive voice (PDF)

Adjectives (PDF)

Adjectives - comparative and superlative (used when comparing things) (PDF)

Adverbs (PDF)

Antonyms and synonyms (PDF)

Articles (PDF)

Clauses (PDF)

Collective nouns (PDF)

Common errors with pronouns (PDF)

Conjuctions (PDF)

Dictionary and thesaurus (PDF)

Direct and indirect speech (PDF)

Figures of speech  (PDF)

Homonyms (also known as homographs) (PDF)

Homophones (PDF)

Idioms (PDF)

Indefinite pronouns (PDF)

Modality (PDF)

Nouns (PDF)

Nouns: plural (more than one) (PDF)

Phrases (PDF)

Prefixes and suffixes (PDF)

Prepositions (PDF)

Pronouns (PDF)

Proper nouns (PDF)

Punctuation (PDF)

Sentences (PDF)

Using nouns and pronouns (PDF)

Verbs (PDF)


Basic sight words (PDF)

Topic/content word lists (PDF)


Topic/content word lists (PDF)

Text types

Different types of writing/text types (PDF)

Secondary help sheets 


Debating: terms

Debating: structure

Debating: tips and judging criteria

Debating: duties and skills


Comprehension strategies with Rangers' Apprentice example (PDF)

Visual text

Analysing visual text

Narration: telling a story

Picture books

Picture books: critical study


Poetry: types

Poetry: how to read and analyse a poem

Poetry: how to compose a poem


Essay writing: checklist

Essay writing: what is an essay?

Essay writing: structure

Essay writing: discussion essay planner

Essay writing: exposition essay planner

Essay writing: critical analysis essay planner

Essay writing: compare and contrast essay planner

Essay writing: review essay planner

Essay writing: evidence and references


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