Nine ways to show your child science in everyday life

Family with a kite

Help your child discover the wonders of science by experimenting with these simple ideas.

  1. Home-made ice blocks can show freezing and melting.
  2. Shining a torch at a mirror at night illustrates reflection.
  3. Flying a kite shows wind speed and direction.
  4. Looking at the stars and discussions about whole new galaxies can open up.
  5. Adding various objects to a bath-time boat illustrates flotation.
  6. Watching a puddle change on the way to school for several days shows evaporation.
  7. Leaving an egg in vinegar for a couple of days shows how the acid will eat away the shell.
  8. Putting a celery stalk in a glass half full of water and coloured dye allows kids to witness capillary action.
  9. Experimenting with various foods such as leaving bread to mould and talking about tinned peaches shows decomposition and preservation.


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