What is it?

Bitly is a US based company that has created a process that shortens the length of website addresses (also known as URLs) and provides tracking services for these links. Once a website address is shortened, it carries the tag.

How does it work?

Bitly stores the original URL in a much shorter URL. Once a person clicks on the Bitly link they are taken to the original web address. By visiting your Bitly account you can also see who has shared your link, how many times it has been opened and other helpful information.

There are many other services that offer the same free service, such as Google URL shortener at

Why is it useful?

Shortening lengthy website addresses makes it easier to link on Twitter, Facebook, homework sheets and in your email program. Because the Bitly program also lets you track how many other people have used the same link, you can see how popular it has been and how other people may be using it.

What do you need to keep in mind about your child and

Shortened links are useful but make sure it works and goes to the website you intend for it go before inadvertently passing on an appropriate link to others.

Want to know more?

Visit Bitly.

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