While there is a natural tendency to focus on your child's reading, writing and number skills, a fundamental aspect of school success is your child's physical, mental and social development. You will find a wealth of useful advice and suggestions to help you and your child navigate through these changing times.

What happens in Kindergarten?

Feature article
What happens in Kindergarten?

Students from Australia Street Infants School show what happens during a typical day in their Kindergarten classroom. [watch]

What to do if your child is bullied

With kids' increasing access to mobile phones and the internet, bullying can happen any time of the day. [read]

Preparing for high school

How you can help your child prepare for high school. [watch]

benefits of team sports

Building confidence is just the start of the benefits. [read]

Brown rice sushi

Different and delicious idea for the lunch box. [more lunch box recipes]

Keeping your kids healthy

Dr Martine Walker GP talks about how you can help your kids stay healthy. [listen]



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