Starting Kindergarten soon?

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If you have a child starting Kindergarten soon, here are some printouts and articles to have you both ready and raring to go!

Kindergarten kids sitting at desk

VIDEO: Kindergarten students show us what happens in a typical day in their classroom. Watch this with your child.

VIDEO: Watch teachers talk about how you can decide if your child is ready to start Kindergarten.

There are many ways to help your child thrive when they start 'big' school.

Parents often ask what else they can do to help prepare their child for school. Here are some excellent ideas.

Reading is more important than ever. When your kids see you reading and writing in everyday life, it teaches them they are useful skills to learn.

The building blocks to maths begins with kids learning to count – eggs, pegs ... anything you can think of.

Turning the snags at the school sausage sizzle or sewing sequins on costumes for the school play has far more value than parents realise.

From salads to dips, sandwiches to vegetarian dishes, cakes, biscuits and treats, some of Australia's leading chefs share their lunch box ideas.

AUDIO: Listen to Australia's domestic goddess Shannon Lush chat with James O'Loghlin on creating a well-oiled household.


Resources to print:


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